Benefits of Driving a Reefer Truck

What are the benefits of driving a reefer truck?

Reefer truck driving jobs offer a driver many benefits. Reefer trucks, also known as refrigerated trucks can be quite beneficial when it comes to transporting goods from one place to another, especially if the distance is long. Most people who use reefer trucks come from outside the city from places like farms to deliver goods to stores.

What Is A Reefer Truck?

A reefer truck is a refrigerated trailer attached to a semi-truck to transport a perishable and vast range of temperature-sensitive goods. The reefer truck was originally an idea that the ice cream industry used in around 1925. However, now as people understood the benefits of using reefer trucks, the popularity has gradually increased for means of transporting goods of both cold and warm temperatures.

Driving a Reefer Truck has it’s requirements.

If you’re wondering what the requirements are for driving a reefer truck, well, just like any other job, this one too requires a person to have completed a few requirements before they can become a reefer truck driver. For instance, you need to complete a truck driving program; you will have key responsibilities, safely transporting, monitoring the goods, and unloading safely. Other than this, a commercial driver’s license is also an important requirement needed.

Other than this, when it comes to reefer truck driving, a driver needs to be aware of how the temperature plays a huge role in keeping the goods fresh. If the driver doesn’t know how to work the temperature settings according to the goods stored, this could result in complications to occur. The driver must be aware of how the truck functions and how time to time checkups are necessary. Depending on the truck dimensions and the load carried around, regular maintenance and replacements could be necessary.

How much money do Reefer Truck drivers make?

Of course, even a reefer truck driver receives monthly salaries. However, depending on the location, the amount each driver makes may vary. According to a nationwide survey, the annual pay a reefer truck driver makes just under $60,000/year.

What are the Pros of driving a reefer truck for a living?

Why has the number of drivers looking to drive reefer trucks increased in popularity? Well, it’s mainly due to the benefits that this type of transportation brings. You can expect several advantages when driving a reefer truck, which we have mentioned here today.

Fresh Food

A temperature setting in each reefer truck allows you to store goods according to the temperature needed. Therefore, no matter how long the distance may be, the goods delivered will always turn out fresh.

Haul a variety of goods.

As mentioned before, a reefer truck was an idea that the ice cream industry came up with, but over the years, reefer trucks have increased. You can almost store anything from seafood, special equipment, and other frozen items.

What are the Cons of driving a reefer truck for a job?

Just like there are pros and cons in everything we do in life, it’s the same with reefer trucks. Here we have mentioned a few cons expected from reefer truck driving.

Reefer trucks can be expensive.

Of course, there are many expenses when it comes to reefer trucks; they require maintenance to make sure there is never a bad day. Other than this, the load carried can also be a bit much for the engine, thus requiring constant maintenance and part changes.

Risk of Spoil

If the temperature setting is not according to the goods stored in the truck, this would ultimately result in the delivery of spoiled goods. Of course, this means the reefer truck must pay for the damages.

Why Do Reefer Truck Drivers Love Their Job?

There are many reasons why reefer truck drivers love their jobs. Here we have mentioned a few of the reasons to give you an idea as to why it is a wise move to make use of reefer truck driving.

Excellent pay for truck drivers.

The pay is excellent, as we mentioned above, the nationwide pay is around $58,748/year. However, drivers that tend to transport temperature controlled items often make more. Other than this, the job consists of bonuses and benefits, which are just impressive.

You can be your own boss.

You don’t necessarily have to work for someone. You can get your own contract and drive your own reefer truck. Therefore, this gives you the flexibility to choose what you want to deliver and with whom you want to work.

Reefer trucks can do both long and short distances.

When it comes to the distance of transporting goods in reefer trucks, some believe they will always be traveling long distances. However, you can drive smaller reefer trucks that pick and deliver goods within the city.

The Joy of Truck Driving

Some people love truck driving, and if you’re a reefer truck driver, not only do you get to drive trucks almost every day, but you get to travel a lot and make good money as well.

These are some major main reasons why some people are moving towards this venture. As you can see, reefer truck driving does come with several benefits to the driver in terms of income and flexibility with their routines. However, when working for someone else as a reefer truck driver, the perks might not be the same.

What’s the Reefer truck driving outlook during COVID?

We cannot ignore the virus that has spread this year, causing a handful of countries to initiate lockdown and practice social distancing. However, as things began to open, it became necessary to continue practicing social distancing and sanitizing anything that comes into touch. In the reefer truck driving industry, drivers focus on wearing masks, and they ensure sanitization of all equipment while also maintaining social distancing.